Monday, September 9, 2013


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Niagara Falls

One afternoon when Chippette was having a snooze, Chippy the non-snoozer and Mummy took off for Niagara Falls.  Fun that can only be had in Niagara Falls!

The Best Day ... Ever!

While Chippy had lots of fun touring around Ontario this summer, today (a Sunday night in August) took the cake!  Mummy and Chippy went to the Speedway!  Chippy sat through, and was enthralled by 3 hours of race car racing!  1 popcorn, 1 intermission, a few small smashups and 1 large smashup later and we were on our way home.  He's looking forward to finding a track in Boston!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Back to P.C.

Chippy has settled into life in Port Colborne quite easily.  Any tantrums are easily averted by telling him that Bubba's pet troll 'Casey' is watching and getting reports!  Casey likes to bring books and small toys to boys that are good!

It's amazing how much he is into protecting Wee M.  He will close the gate on the stairs when it's left open so she doesn't get hurt; he'll tell me not to bother her when she's sleeping; he'll play tea with her; he'll call her sweetheart ... 'it's okay sweetheart'!  

Chippy has come down with a serious case of the 'why's' and 'where does that come from?'.  Trying to answer one of his questions usually leads to 10 more!

He's quite sharp and you shouldn't think you can pull anything over on him just because he's only 3 1/2!  I told him last night he could only have one book because we were late going to bed and he said that's okay ... this is book zero ... that's book one!

Playing ball today in Fort Erie

Inspecting Gampy's spare tire ... flat tire courtesy of Hwy 400


Talk about kid in a candy store!!  Ambulances, fire trucks, police cars, police boats ... Chippy got to sit in all of them, turn the lights on in the police cruiser, and spray water with the fire hose. 
Thanks Minden!!  Look for the firefighter (aka Chippy) and the police woman (aka Chippette) in their feature interview in next weeks Minden Times!

Cottage Land Activities

Kwartha Dairy Ice Cream ... you could say
the kid likes ice cream!

A surprisingly great golfer!  Looks like he will be like
dad as a lefty in golf!

Tea Party with the Maze

Mini putt ... which happened to have a
bouncy castle!

Mini putt ... which happened to have a toy train!

Adventures with Dad

One too many wise cracks and dad sent me over the falls!

Bird Kingdom

The Falls

Ending the day with a Cows ice cream!

Water Activities at the Cottage

The Olive Hotdog

Friday, August 16, 2013

The Haliburton Fair

Wow, the Haliburton Fair had a lot going on tonight!  There were kids competing with dogs, free Mary Kay samples, and a 1 car car-show! BUT ... what took the prize was the hot air balloon!!  Guess who's in the balloon!!!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Port Lambton Friends

When we were in Port Lambton, Chippy played with Oliver from next door.  Boy, talk about hitting the payday with toys!  Oliver has every toy ever made ... including a bouncy castle!!

At Best Start, Tina helped him become a pirate and set up a great water day!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Safari Niagara

Mastering the small ropes course so that he can eventually
go on the big one (seen behind)

This boy is very happy that daddy is home!

New friends

Chippy hit the jack pot with new friends in Port Colborne!  Aiden loves playing with Chippy and even offered to buy him from us!  MacKenzie next door is a serious hockey player and is teaching Aiden and Chippy the game.  Aiden's daddy even got out his old John Deere when he found out Chippy likes them!  Talk about an excited kid!  They played on the street all afternoon today switching between scooting, biking, the John Deere, hockey, and playing cops and robbers.
Now here's hoping that street hockey is his only hockey related endeavour ...

Hello Port Colborne!

We're heeeeeerrrrrrreeeeeee!

The promised scooter!
(And bonus light up shoes!!)

Piano trio!

Bye Bye Port Lambton!

Bye, bye Port Lambton!  It's been a fun month!!  When asked his favourite thing, Chippy had a hard time deciding between the Kubota and the bouncy castle next door ... but eventually decided being stuck in the rain in the pasture on the Kubota was the most fun!

Fun with Cindy's Tickle Trunk!

Arm wrassles with Grammy

Head wrassles with Pa

Gala Days

Protecting the wee one - Chippy
making sure she doesn't rush out
in front of the parade!

Being hauled home...

Parade candy as only Port Lambton can do it ...
in shot gun shells!

Checking out the local fire truck!

Anything I can do, Wee M can do, too!